Compiling Research, Analysis, Instructions and Methodologies

Alkranel LCC has given advice in that field since 2000. We have necessary licenses. Most of our projects are listed in Estonian rubric (follow the link).

Projects (17)

  • Client: TBD-Biodiscovery OÜ

    Production consulting

  • Client: Riigi Kinnisvara AS

    Vegetation inventory

  • Client: Terav Kera OÜ

    Conditions for the care of the protected plant

  • Client: Ferrel AS


  • Client: Keskkonnamin

    Assessment of the external impacts of environmental use – stage II

    Performers – OÜ Alkranel, Aija Kosk, SA Keskkonnaõiguse Keskus, Civitta Eesti AS.

  • Client: Elva Vallavalitsus

    Inventory of vegetation

  • Client: Kaltsiumkarbonaat OÜ

    Limestone mineral deposit – coordination of environmental investigations

  • Surroundings analysis – campsite

  • Client: Estover OÜ

    Surroundings analysis – Paneeli 2a st

  • Inventory of vegetation

  • Client: Kunda Nordic Tsement AS

    Noise and Ambient Air Pollution Survey and Risk Management

  • Client: Advisio OÜ

    Study of amelioration system water protection zone

  • Client: Nikamol OÜ

    Ambient Air Pollution modelling of Rööpa IA (44603:002:0126) real estate

  • Client: Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ

    Renewal of Geological Survey of Estonia LCC web page (environmental law text)

  • Client: Raju AS

    Expertise of Sindi dam

  • Client: Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ

    Environmental consultations of Geological Survey of Estonia LCC

  • Client: Est-Paas OÜ

    Review of natural resources mine licence application and strike transportation