Environmental manager for Your company

If it is not feasible for Your company to hire a person to deal with environmental issues in Your company, then Alkranel’s environmental specialist can help You by dealing with environmental management of Your company. It helps You to save money and to focus on Your main business activities.

Alkranel’s environmental specialists can help Your companies environmental management with following services:

  • Questions regarding environmental permits and preparing permit applications
  • Butting together environmental overviews and defining environmental aspects of Your company
  • Conducting environmental reports
  • Conducting declarations of environmental taxes
  • Helping to organize green procurement of raw materials, supplies or services
  • Helping to improve resource efficiency
  • Communication and correspondence with Estonian Environmental Board and other authorities.

More information about the environmental manager service can be asked from Alar Noorvee (Phone: +372 55 40 579; e-mail: alar@alkranel.ee).

Projects (2)

  • Client: Ferrel AS


  • Client: Finmec AS

    Butting togehter the report of annual air pollution of Finmec AS