General Planning Related Noise Assessment and Noise Modelling

Alkranel LCC has made different noise surveys, noise assessment, noise modelling and given advice in that field since 2003. Before 2007 we made noise assessment and noise modeling, using different software and analogy. 2007 we obtain SoundPLAN license. SoundPLAN is a complete software package offering a full spectrum of noise pollution evaluation modules, with quick and accurate calculation and impressive graphics. Our personnel are trained to use SoundPLAN. Most of our projects are listed in Estonian rubric (follow the link).

Projects (3)

  • Client: Tallinna Keskkonnaamet

    Strategic environmental assessment of the Tallinn Nõmme district masterplan

  • Client: Rakvere linn

    Strategic environmental assessment of the Rakvere town masterplan

  • Client: Rae Vallavalitsus

    Strategic environmental assessment of the Rae parish masterplan