Quality Policy

Alkranel is a consultation company open to new ideas and creative solutions. All projects are handled using innovative methods, with focusing on the characteristics of each project, and with continuous analysis. Good teamwork and systematic approach guarantee high quality. Alkranel’s aim is always to offer the best solution to every client. In our work we follow the rules and measures adopted by the board of Alkranel, guaranteeing high quality of services offered by us:

  • Meeting the clients’ needs in the best way (also taking into account the characteristics of job object);
  • Fulfilling contracts and agreements in time;
  • Cooperation with clients and interested parties (essential information is shared in time);
  • Focusing on speciality of every project;
  • Correspondence to valid legislation (Estonian and EU);
  • Teamwork and involvement of specialists from different fields;
  • Flexibility – quick reaction to changes during the project;
  • Innovative and future-oriented solutions;
  • Continuous analysis, improvement and learning (included refresher courses);
  • Assuring quality of work environment.