Water Management Counselling (Planning, Studies, Training, Consultations and Analyses)

Alkranel LCC has given advice in that field since 2002. Most of our projects are listed in Estonian rubric (follow the link).

Projects (20)

  • Client: Sulevimägi OÜ

    Consultation of Viitina dam

  • Client: Tartu Vallavalitsus

    River Emajõgi flood map for Tartu vald

  • Client: Antsla Vallavalitsus

    Consultations – Boos Lakes

  • Client: Tartu Linnavalitsus

    River Emajõgi flood map for Tartu

  • Client: Generaator AS

    Consultation of Saesaare dam

  • Client: Hellenurme Veski OÜ

    Consultation of Hellenurm dam

  • Client: Uus Energia OÜ

    Consultation of Soodla dam

  • Client: Generaator AS

    Kotka dam – consultation

  • Client: Ala-Rõuge Külalistemaja OÜ

    Consultation of Ala-Rõuge dam

  • Client: Koprapere OÜ

    Mapping the water quality of driven wells

  • Client: Narva Linnavalitsuse Arhitektuuri- ja Linnaplaneerimise Amet

    Narva – Joaoru water area action plan

  • Client: Kivilõppe Puhkekeskus MTÜ

    Project – Kivilõppe boat canal and swimming place – managing of remake

  • Client: Puurmani Vallavalitsus

    Management of conceptual design – Puurmani fish passage

  • Client: Generaator AS

    Evaluation – reservoir of Leevaku

  • Client: Keskkonnamin

    Evaluation of river basin management plans implementation

  • Client: Advisio OÜ

    Study of amelioration system water protection zone

  • Client: Puurmani Vallavalitsus

    Conceptual design – Puurmani fish passage

  • Client: Saku Vallavalitsus

    Conceptual design and application of the fish passage conceptual design for Saku dam – II round

  • Client: Forestwood OÜ

    Evaluation of water scoop sanitation

  • Client: Saku Vallavalitsus

    Conceptual design, application and pre-Assessment of the fish passage conceptual design for Saku dam